Different Types Of Medical Laboratory Equipment

In medical terminology, laboratory (commonly called Lab) is a place where array of different measurements are performed. For smooth functioning at medical labs, professionals require different types of laboratory appliances.Handheld Refractometer

Superior quality lab tools are vital for the accurate testing and experimental results, thus helps in uninterrupted running of activities and improving the productivity of the medical laboratories.

To support the diverse research needs of laboratories and to make the testing and experimental studies fast, there are many distributors that offer an extensive range of lab equipment.

If you are looking to buy equipment for your facility, it is important to focus finding a manufacturer that follows the industry’s quality standards solemnly. This is because of the reason that tools that abide by the prescribed standards offer best efficiency in tests and show accurate results.

Have a look at the major medical laboratory equipment and their functionality:

    • Centrifuge: A centrifuge is a laboratory apparatus that is supported by an electric motor in order to rotate the liquid samples at high speed. It is mainly used in blood banks to separate particles in blood.
    • Cell Density Meters: It is a small and portable cell density measuring instrument.
    • Incubators: An incubator is medical equipment that is used to cultivate microbiological or cell cultures at a constant temperature. In other words, it is used for artificial hatching of eggs. When infants born prematurely, they are kept under certain temperature until they grow completely.
    • Hybridization Oven: It is medical equipment that is used in research and molecular biology laboratories for the hybridization or pre-hybridization of membranes. Identification of DNA, RNA, or protein is performed using these convection ovens. These lab machines are designed with active mixing capability, fluorescent reader, hybridization station, and accurate temperature control features to give accurate results.
    • Hemacytometer: It is a medical instrument used for the counting of blood cells or particles in a sample. Glass Hemacytometer is a thick microscope slide with a counting chamber mounted on it, to determine the number of particles in the given volume of liquid.
    • Hand Held Microtome: It is medical equipment used to hold samples and shown them with little augmentations so that they can be cut for slide preparations.
  • Calipers: Caliper is a medical device with two curved legs used to measure thickness of an object in millimeters. In medical terminology, the thickness of subcutaneous fat tissue is measured by this instrument.

Apart from the aforementioned lab instruments, Tube Rocker, Turbo Mixer, Rotators, Water Baths, Hot Plates, Laboratory Cell Counters, Manual Cell Counters etc. are also used in labs.

Premium quality laboratory equipment plays an important role in the accurate measurement of laboratory samples.