What Kind Of Apparatus Does The Modern Laboratory Rely On?

Medical labs for the smooth execution of work activities make use of a variety of automated or semi-automated lab devices. The lab devices not only help the lab staff, physicians, or researchers in speeding up their test related or experimental activities, but also provide them with accurate results.

Here is the list of most commonly used lab equipment that play an integral role in medical schools, or research labs:

  • Incubators: This laboratory apparatus controls the development of microbiological cultures or cell cultures at optimal temperatures and humidity conditions.
  • Water Baths: Also known as bain-marie, water-bath is a commonly used lab apparatus which is designed to heat materials or keep the contents warmed for a required period of time.
  • Hot Plates: This lab device has a small tabletop with two or more heating elements. In medical laboratories, this device is used to heat glassware and the contents placed in it. Some designs of hot plates come with magnetic stirrer which allows the heated content to gently mix automatically.
  • Calipers: Caliper is a hand-held laboratory apparatus used to calculate the difference between two sides of an object. The appearance of caliper is similar like compass consist of facing points or tips which are used to fit a device across these two ends. After properly fixing the device these two ends, the caliper is removed and the distance between two tips is measured.
  • Hand Held Microtome: Microtome is a highly efficient laboratory apparatus that is used for the sectioning of fresh tissues. This tool helps to prepare samples for microscopic examinations. This medical lab device comes in various designs and incorporates cutting-edge technologies. The blade on the top of the microtome is in the position relative to the sample. This device is now available in various automated designs at affordable rates.
  • Laboratory Cell Counters: Laboratory cell counters, which in medical terms are known as automated blood cell counters are an important part of modern lab devices.
  • In the past, the counting of blood cells was done visually or manually.
    The advanced technology based automated blood cell counters are designed to automatically count the red cells present in blood. The result offered by such advanced technology tool provide the results with reduces accuracies. They provide correct results for immature blood cells.

  • Hemacytometer: This medical apparatus is used to give accurate count platelets or other blood cells in a quality of blood. The structure of this medical instrument involves a thick slide made of glass microscope. This slide has a chamber which is patterned with a laser-etched lattice of perpendicular lines. This structure helps to count the number of platelets or particles in a given liquid sample.

The quality and superiority of lab equipment is what makes the related facility work reliable. Therefore, buy them from the trusted and renowned manufacturers.