Get familiar with laboratory tools before performing an experiment

ImageLaboratory experiments are an important part of science. The experiments in the laboratory cannot be performed without special laboratory equipment. There are various types of apparatus manufactured for performing several tasks such as mixing, measuring and heating. These equipment helps in performing scientific experiments accurately and safely.

One of the basic equipment used in laboratories is glassware which is used for mixing, and freezers for storing mixtures. Heating equipment are also present for heating chemicals and mixtures. Also, there are animal skeletons used by researchers for conducting various experiments on them.

Knowing how to use laboratory tools is very important to get accurate results. Your knowledge and ease of using laboratory apparatus plays a major role in deciding the outcome of your experiment. The way you perform an experiment and the tools you use for the same, affect the end result.

Mentioned below are certain points that will make you understand why it is important to get familiar with tools and equipment used in the laboratory along with the purpose they serve.

 Safe usage

Scientific experiments can sometimes give negative or unsafe results, if you don’t use tools and equipment properly. For example, a burner, if not handled appropriately may bring damage to the property and the life of individuals performing experiments.
Knowing how to operate laboratory equipment will help in minimizing risks of accidents.

Efficient utilization

Laboratory tools are considered as one of the complex tools that only experts can handle. There is a need for doing sensitive calibration to ensure all the activities are performed in the right manner. For example, the scale must be set to zero for an accurate measurement.

Necessary material and their usage

There are many laboratories, designed to study and analyze various samples from different sources. The sample could be any. It is important to know which machine is used for analyzing a sample. A wrong selection may cause damage to the machine as it may not withstand certain materials.

 Measuring results

Using right material and container is not enough but one should know how to measure results after conducting an experiment. Performing an experiment is of no use, if you are unable to understand what the laboratory machine has done.
Before starting an experiment, make sure that the tools and apparatus you will use should be of high quality to perform an experiment accurately and safely.


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