Which Types Of Disposable Supplies Are Used In A Laboratory?

11038729_887650974628201_5832476733316232866_nA laboratory is the place where knowledgeable specialists perform different tests on various samples or materials. However, sometimes you cannot use the same equipment or tool with these samples. It can lead to infections and other hazards.

In these situations, where you need to use different tools each time, the use of disposable lab supplies comes in handy. Here are some of the common disposable supplies that are used in a laboratory.

Examination GlovesDuring tests on microorganisms, chemicals etc., it is necessary to protect yourself from these hazardous aspects. It is also vital to dispose these gloves, so that no one comes in their direct contact. This is why examination gloves are used in labs, to protect an individual from contact with microorganisms and other materials in labs.

These gloves are available in different sizes, so that anyone can use them. These gloves are an important part of laboratory or medical supplies. You can get them in different materials (nitrile, vinyl, latex, polyethylene etc.) depending on your requirements.

Wooden productsVarious types of wooden items are used in laboratories. Whether it is a tongue depressor or a cotton tipped applicator stick, these products are essential items in many labs. Wooden products are used to avoid the use of same tool over and over, which would increase the risk of infections.

Microscope slidesDifferent types of samples are examined under a microscope. However, not all samples can be examined on the same slide. This is the reason why disposable microscope slides are used in laboratories. You can get plain slides, single concave or double concave ones. You can also opt for frosted glass slides on the basis of your lab requirements.

Plastic productsA variety of disposable plastic items are used in laboratories. These products include beakers, biopsy cassettes, transfer pipets, dropper bottles, plastic measuring cylinders, sterile specimen containers and more.

Protection of the user from harmful objects is the main objective behind the use of disposable products. Regardless of their type or use, these products play an important role in increasing the safety level for individuals.


Different Types Of Laboratory Products And Their Usages


Laboratory equipment is used by a variety of facilities such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, teaching labs, dental clinics, etc. Every lab product is created with a unique purpose to serve. Some of the common laboratory equipment and their usages are given below-

  • Autoclaves– These devices are used to sterilize equipment and other objects to inactivate fungi, bacteria, viruses and ensure that no health issues will spread. They are mainly used in the industries such as medicine, podiatry, dentistry, etc.
  • Thermometers– Thermometers are used to measure the temperature of different objects. There are different types of thermometers available that are used in a wide range of applications. They are used in industries such as medicine, weather study, scientific research, etc.
  • Microscopes– These devices are used to view small and tiny objects that cannot be seen by human with the naked eyes. It is widely used in medicine, research, forensics, microbiology, biology, nanotechnology, anatomy, etc.
  • Disposables– There are various disposables such as gloves, blades, lancets, microscope slides, plastic products, etc. are used for conducting tests and completing the diagnosis procedure. All these products are disposed after their usage and are not used for any further treatment.
  • Botany Models– These models are used to perform study on the plant life. Botanists use these models to study life of plants in order to proceed with their research or to teach students that are studying botany.

From where to Buy?

If you need above-mentioned or any other laboratory supply for your facility, it is important for you to ensure that you get it from a reputable and authentic store only. You need to make sure that the store you select provides a variety of lab products, so that you do not need to look any further for products that you need now or may need in future. You also need to make sure that the store is known for providing quality products at reasonable rates.

Signs Of A Company That You Can Count For Medical Laboratory Supplies


To equip your hospital, laboratory, or educational institute with quality medical lab supplies that will make your job easier, you need to look for a renowned and reliable firm. These companies offer branded products and quality services that will enable you to perform required lab operations accurately and efficiently.

However, to ensure that you find the most dependable firm for all your required medical laboratory supplies, you need to look for the following signs-

  1. Look for a company that maintains a large stock of laboratory products that you may whether it is incubators, micro centrifuges, hybridization oven, flasks, examination gloves, etc. Consider your present and future needs before making the final call so that you do not need to look for another company in the future.
  2. Make sure that the company you choose provides branded products that are durable and of high quality. Therefore, you need to visit their website thoroughly in order to see what brand of products they have on offer.
  3. A dependable company always offers its products at genuine price. Therefore, you need to do a little research on the web and compare prices offered by the different companies. However, you must stay away from firms that offer subpar quality products at low prices.
  4. Renowned and reliable companies always have clean reputation, which is why their existing customers will always recommend them to others. Thus, you need to get on the web and check reputation of the company and read reviews posted by the previous customers.

These are the four main signs of a company that you can count for purchasing lab supplies that you need. However, you also need to watch out few other factors such as post-purchase services that you may require after purchasing the products whether for maintenance purposes or for repairs. You also need to check the shipping policy of the company, as you would not want to rely on a firm that takes too much time for shipping because it can hamper your work or progress. Get on the web now and start searching for the most dependable company for your purchase.

Boost practical learning with human anatomy models

    A picture can express thousands of emotions with a little explanation, but a physical model needs no explanation. This is especially true if you are a teacher trying to teach your students about the complicated concepts and facts in biology. Image

For instance, the human body has a highly complex mechanism, the concepts of which are nearly impossible to teach verbally. As science is a very difficult subject, every school tries to come up different methods to enhance practical learning.  That is why schools get projectors installed to showcase slides and get high-tech labs to conduct practical lab tests for better learning. Image

Human anatomical models are also extremely helpful as they make it easier for both students and teachers to grasp the concepts of the human body, easily. Complex medical terminologies may leave students baffled and confused, but with the help of a physical model, they would be better able to memorize and remember the small intricate details are taught in class.

An expertly constructed model is an amazing tool in the hands of any teacher. Elementary school teachers and university professors are able to gain good response from their students by making lectures more interactive and interesting. As it aids visualization, it helps clarify even the most complicated concepts very easily. Image

These mock-ups work excellently while conducting a medical training program. The right way of using an injection can be better demonstrated using these dummies. A few of these anatomical models range from foot structure to urinary tract to those explaining the human digestive system. Trainees are better able to distinguish a normal body organ from a diseased one and are better able to diagnose various medical problems.

Similarly, if a plastic surgeon is trying to explain the procedure of abdominoplasty to his patient, he would find such models of great help. Explaining the procedure with the help of a model makes it easier for the patients to get a fair idea of what the procedure is going to be like and other details.

Not just plastic surgeons, but even family physicians use such models while explaining various body functions to both adults and children. With the aid of a well-crafted physical model, it is much easier to explain every single body part. That is why the majority of physicians, surgeons, schools and universities, invest in quality anatomy models.

Get familiar with laboratory tools before performing an experiment

ImageLaboratory experiments are an important part of science. The experiments in the laboratory cannot be performed without special laboratory equipment. There are various types of apparatus manufactured for performing several tasks such as mixing, measuring and heating. These equipment helps in performing scientific experiments accurately and safely.

One of the basic equipment used in laboratories is glassware which is used for mixing, and freezers for storing mixtures. Heating equipment are also present for heating chemicals and mixtures. Also, there are animal skeletons used by researchers for conducting various experiments on them.

Knowing how to use laboratory tools is very important to get accurate results. Your knowledge and ease of using laboratory apparatus plays a major role in deciding the outcome of your experiment. The way you perform an experiment and the tools you use for the same, affect the end result.

Mentioned below are certain points that will make you understand why it is important to get familiar with tools and equipment used in the laboratory along with the purpose they serve.

 Safe usage

Scientific experiments can sometimes give negative or unsafe results, if you don’t use tools and equipment properly. For example, a burner, if not handled appropriately may bring damage to the property and the life of individuals performing experiments.
Knowing how to operate laboratory equipment will help in minimizing risks of accidents.

Efficient utilization

Laboratory tools are considered as one of the complex tools that only experts can handle. There is a need for doing sensitive calibration to ensure all the activities are performed in the right manner. For example, the scale must be set to zero for an accurate measurement.

Necessary material and their usage

There are many laboratories, designed to study and analyze various samples from different sources. The sample could be any. It is important to know which machine is used for analyzing a sample. A wrong selection may cause damage to the machine as it may not withstand certain materials.

 Measuring results

Using right material and container is not enough but one should know how to measure results after conducting an experiment. Performing an experiment is of no use, if you are unable to understand what the laboratory machine has done.
Before starting an experiment, make sure that the tools and apparatus you will use should be of high quality to perform an experiment accurately and safely.

What Kind Of Medical Supplies Are You Using?

Any kind of a health facility relies on the support of countless departments, able professionals, and an endless number of equipment and supplies.

Advanced and more successful facilities know the importance of not having any weak links, and creating a harmonious relation between all the above mentions aspects.

While, training and developing a skill-set in every employee is a matter of hard work, talent and dedication, creating a sound infrastructure is almost completely in your hands.

Don’t ever ignore the importance of medical supplies in the working culture of your clinic or hospital.

What kinds of equipment are used in the average research lab or medical facility?
Supplies can be of any kind. They may be big, small, or tiny. In addition, the frequency of their use also varies greatly.
You may need to use gloves, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, on a daily basis. On the other hand, hydrometers, microscopes, etc. are used on more need-based terms. This depends on your facility, in terms, of the services that you offer, and how extensive are your operations.

How important is the role of such supplies?
As a matter of fact, supplies are used for every chore that takes place in a hospital.
This does not just include, the treatments provided, in the form of check-ups, operations, tests, etc. In addition to that, even while training new recruits, you will require models, and actual equipment, for teaching them.
In case you are also equipped with a research facility, you will need a constant supply of glassware, disposables and other high tech equipment with specific functions for the same.

How does one make sure that he is making the most of the supplies for his facility?
If you own, or are involved with the administrational decisions of a hospital, a clinic, a medical research facility, or even a small dispensary, you ought to take on the onus of ensuring that only the most productive and efficient supplies are used therein.
The most crucial determinant for this is the manufacturer that you rely on.

Select the medical supplies that you use for your hospital or clinic very carefully. They are an integral part of your facility, and the quality depends on the manufacturer, whose services, you avail.

Different Types Of Medical Laboratory Equipment

In medical terminology, laboratory (commonly called Lab) is a place where array of different measurements are performed. For smooth functioning at medical labs, professionals require different types of laboratory appliances.Handheld Refractometer

Superior quality lab tools are vital for the accurate testing and experimental results, thus helps in uninterrupted running of activities and improving the productivity of the medical laboratories.

To support the diverse research needs of laboratories and to make the testing and experimental studies fast, there are many distributors that offer an extensive range of lab equipment.

If you are looking to buy equipment for your facility, it is important to focus finding a manufacturer that follows the industry’s quality standards solemnly. This is because of the reason that tools that abide by the prescribed standards offer best efficiency in tests and show accurate results.

Have a look at the major medical laboratory equipment and their functionality:

    • Centrifuge: A centrifuge is a laboratory apparatus that is supported by an electric motor in order to rotate the liquid samples at high speed. It is mainly used in blood banks to separate particles in blood.
    • Cell Density Meters: It is a small and portable cell density measuring instrument.
    • Incubators: An incubator is medical equipment that is used to cultivate microbiological or cell cultures at a constant temperature. In other words, it is used for artificial hatching of eggs. When infants born prematurely, they are kept under certain temperature until they grow completely.
    • Hybridization Oven: It is medical equipment that is used in research and molecular biology laboratories for the hybridization or pre-hybridization of membranes. Identification of DNA, RNA, or protein is performed using these convection ovens. These lab machines are designed with active mixing capability, fluorescent reader, hybridization station, and accurate temperature control features to give accurate results.
    • Hemacytometer: It is a medical instrument used for the counting of blood cells or particles in a sample. Glass Hemacytometer is a thick microscope slide with a counting chamber mounted on it, to determine the number of particles in the given volume of liquid.
    • Hand Held Microtome: It is medical equipment used to hold samples and shown them with little augmentations so that they can be cut for slide preparations.
  • Calipers: Caliper is a medical device with two curved legs used to measure thickness of an object in millimeters. In medical terminology, the thickness of subcutaneous fat tissue is measured by this instrument.

Apart from the aforementioned lab instruments, Tube Rocker, Turbo Mixer, Rotators, Water Baths, Hot Plates, Laboratory Cell Counters, Manual Cell Counters etc. are also used in labs.

Premium quality laboratory equipment plays an important role in the accurate measurement of laboratory samples.